The Majmua of Emin Dede

Mawlawi Ceremonies Notes and Lyrics Majmua

One of the primary aims of “Mawlawi Culture in Turkish Music and Literature” project was to transcribe two important majmuas that are considered the authentic sources of the Mawlawi ceremonies, to the alphabet used in Turkey today and to Western musical notations, and providing them to the benefit of researchers and artists. For this purpose, majmua prepared by one of the last great representatives of Mawlawi music, Neyzen Emin Dede (Mehmet Emin Yazıcı), as a compilation of the Mawlawi ceremonies with the Hampartsoum notes used in the Ottoman period, were converted to the notation system used today. In addition, the lyrics in the majmua were transcribed. The notes archive created as a result of this study was published by Zeytinburnu Municipality Cultural Publications. You may access the entire content of this book via the link below.