Mawlawi Ceremonies – Productions

Neyzen Emin Dede (Mehmet Emin Yazıcı) compiled the Mawlawi ceremonies with the Hampartsoum notes used in the Ottoman period in a majmua. Within the scope of “Mawlawi Culture in Turkish Music and Literature” project, the notes in this majmua were converted to the notation system used today. Besides, the lyrics in the majmua were transcribed. As a result of this research, the production of four Mawlawi ceremonies (Dügâh, Sûziliârâ, Ferahfeza, and Hüzzam) were carried out based on the archive of new notes and lyrics that emerged. You may listen the works in question via the links below.

Ferahfezâ Mawlawi Ceremony

Sûzidilârâ Mawlawi Ceremony

Dügâh Mawlawi Ceremony

Hüzzâm Mawlawi Ceremony